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I have a first generation Kel-Tec P-3AT, and was very dissatisfied with the almost nonexistent factory sights. I found myself shooting too low, and it was hard to hit a small target. The PSE "P-Sight" is a fine, if not necessary, addition to that pistol. I want to say the customer service is excellent! The instructions & pictures were great - everything should come with directions as concise and well-explained as these! I found my P-Sight had a tight fit, but following instructions, just a tiny bit of sanding prepared the mating surfaces for bonding and all was well! It took at most five minutes of time.

This is an excellent product, with great customer service - I highly recommend it!

Range report: I finally got a chance to go out and put my P-3AT through its paces with the P-Sight installed. The difference was profound! Prior to having the P-Sight, I found it difficult to acquire my target, much less shoot with any real target skill. With the P-Sight installed, shooting at ten paces, I was off on the first shot, but the remaining 18 rounds were dead on accurate. This was not "target shooting" but rather one-handed, simply raise the right arm, and fire. Very easy to acquire target and to be spot on accurate. Your P-sight worked for me! Thanks!

Richard L. Hammon
Stone School Inn Bed & Breakfast

I just shot with the P-Sight for the first time. Using Federal American Eagle 95 grain ball ammo, I had a 3 shot group I could cover with a quarter at 15 yards. What's more it was to point of aim. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT.


I installed a P-Sight on my chrome slide without any problems. It fits flush with the back of the slide, and looks excellent - it even has horizontal scoring on the back to reduce reflection.

I sanded it down a couple of strokes with sandpaper (as described in the thorough instructions) to make it fit the cavity in my gun, producing a snug press-fit.

As a sight, it is a bit small, but suitable to the P-3AT. It does not protrude enough to hang up on anything, and should be plenty durable. It does make the gun more fun for plinking, and even if you don't use them in an emergency, using sights when practicing will teach you to grip and point the gun more reliably.

Bottom line - it's a good product that addresses a minor shortcoming of the P-3AT for a reasonable price.


I finally made it out to the range and was able to shoot my Kel-Tec with your new sight. I was extremely impressed! Shooting at 10 feet, I put 2 full magazines into an 8 inch circle, shooting as rapidly as I could obtain a clear sight picture. No stacking of the sights was required, just a normal sight picture and I was much more "on target" than on any other trip to the range with this gun.

Your dandy little sight is a great improvement to the P3-AT and I'm a happy customer. Keep up the great work.

Nate McCord
Nate's blog:
Wasted Electrons

I got my P-Sight about two weeks ago. I’m very pleased with it. This sight is a big improvement over the factory sights.

My P-3AT shot about a foot low for me at 7 yards, both with point shooting and aimed shooting. I haven't tried the P-Sight much with point shooting, but it sure helps with aimed shooting, especially with my well over age 45 eyes. I normally don’t wear glasses except when reading, so if I ever need the weapon quickly I probably won’t have glasses on.

Before installing the P-sight, aimed shooting without my glasses was a joke. I just couldn’t get any kind of decent group, even at 7 yards. Even with my glasses, it took considerable attention to holding up just the proper amount of front sight to make it strike close to point of aim, and also, the group was large.

Today (while wearing glasses) I fired 18 aimed rounds, two handed hold at 7 yards. The center of the group was about 2 inches high and an inch or so right of my aim point. I could cover the group with my fist and 8 of the rounds went into one ragged hold that can be completely covered with a quarter.

I then took the glasses off and did the same thing again. I could still cover the group with my fist, but there was no ragged hole. For me that’s great with this weapon and no glasses.

Overall I’m sold on the P-sight. Thanks for a great product.


I think the P-Sight is an excellent after-market add-on. Granted, these mouse guns are not target guns, but point and shoot. Still, the P-Sight was a snap to install, and made a world of difference for me (another aging baby boomer whose peepers ain't what they used to be). What is interesting is how accurate my little P-3AT is now that my aim is improved.

I am pleased!


I will second the remarkable improvement in accuracy obtained with the P-Sight. I installed one on my wife's P-3AT recently. We went to the range and she put 30 rounds into a 2 inch hole at 5 yards. Excellent performance !!!


This afternoon I went and shot my Kel-Tec 380 with the new P-Sight. With it, the pistol is much easier to aim. At 7 yards, I was able to keep a six-inch group with 20 rounds, with several hitting the 10 ring. I feel that is satisfactory for a small close protection pistol. Without the P-Sight, it would have shot around six inches low. I'm glad I got the P-Sight.


After waiting the recommended 5 days for the adhesive to fully cure, I finally got to try out the P-Sight. I shot 5 targets with 5 rounds each from 7 yards. My smallest group was 1.5" and the largest was 2.25", for an average of 1.825". I found sight aquisition to be much easier than I expected for a small sight. It shoots 2-2.25" above POA. I was impressed with the ease of installation and excellent fit, and now that I have shot with it I am very impressed with its performance too. The P-Sight is a great improvement to a great little pocket gun.



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