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Concealed Carry Magazine P-Sight Review

The following review appears in the January 2005 issue of Concealed Carry Magazine. Many thanks to CCM and George Hill.

This article is displayed with permission from Concealed Carry Magazine.
Copyright Concealed Carry Magazine, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2005

PDF version (296K)

In my previous review of the P3AT, I mentioned an aftermarket addition called the "P-Sight". The P-Sight is a drop in rear sight widget that you just glue in. While I mentioned it in passing as something of interest for those that had the Kel-Tec P3AT, I hadn't actually had a chance to play with one of these sights.

In the following photos you can see the normal "Rear Sight" and the "P-Sight". The P3AT is a surprisingly accurate little gun, but the sights are only mere suggestions and most of the aiming is done with gross alignment of the shape of the slide against the target. It's fast and it works fine against close range, torso sized targets. However if you

want to extend your reach a little and shoot at some smaller targets or you require more precision in your sight alignment... then you will want a P-Sight.

You can see that the P-Sight gives you a normal style rear sight to work from. I found that this little widge does help with your precision aiming and makes shooting target groups that much easier. Unfortunately the rear sight doesn't

address the problem with the front sight, which remains rather vague and easy to lose. So trying to line the rear sight with the almost nonexistant front sight is a little slower and a little challenging. With some practice to get used to the set up, you can work the little Kel-Tec like a mini target pistol with some good results.

The P-Sight comes with a little instruction booklet and an optional little tube of Loctite's Black Max 380 glue. Use just a teeny bit and that's all you'll need... that sight ain't going anywhere with that stuff. (Get the optional glue... handy stuff to have around if you dont have any) Once mounted and the adhesive allowed to dry completely, the gun is ready for duty. The rear sight addition is unobtrusive. It doesn't snag going into the pocket, and more importantly coming back out quickly.

Whether or not you will personally find the P-Sight useful would depend completely upon what type of shooting you want to do with your P3AT. While I like it, I'll have to put it into that "You have to try it out for yourself" category.

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